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450 Pizza Joint Brings a ‘Strong Pie Game’

What the critics have to say

450 Pizza Joint
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Charleston City Paper critic Vanessa Wolf is once again eating slices in the name of service journalism, and this time it’s at 450 Pizza Joint on Sullivan’s Island. Wolf states that the Middle Street newcomer fills a “dough/sauce/cheese gap” in the area — though, The Obstinate Daughter, down a few blocks, does make a mean pie.

The highlights of Wolf’s visit include a “pleasing” cheese pizza, a “pleasing” prosciutto and mushroom pizza, a “spot-on” hot Italian hero, and a pasta salad that is “less bland and soupy than the usual.” Not exactly the most glowing of phrases, but Wolf declares that with an “approachable menu and strong pie game,” 450 Pizza Joint is a decent enough option to quell “dough-based cravings” on Sullivan’s Island.

Previously, Wolf called the pizza at Julietimpeccably perfect,” and she found a decent grandma pie at Coastal Crust. With Wood & Grain and Ember Wood Fired Kitchen recently opened in Mount Pleasant, she’ll probably be eating even more pies this fall.

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