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Grace & Grit Opens Monday in Mount Pleasant

More Lowcountry fare for the Lowcountry

Grace & Grit
Limelight Sign Co
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Grits master/chef Frank Kline and construction professional Grae Rambo unlock the doors to Mount Pleasant newcomer Grace & Grit this upcoming Monday, August 7. Located at 320 Wingo Way, the Southern seafood restaurant wants to “reintroduce true Charleston hospitality” to the Lowcountry.

Kline says, “Grace & Grit will focus on fresh, local and sustainable seafood. Our menu largely revolves around our many flavors of grits. We mean to provide you with a high quality meal, executed with a bit of fun and creativity, all while keeping the menu familiar and approachable. Guests can look forward to an abundance of fresh local fish and shrimp, bacon smoked in house and seasonal produce. With flavor packed into every dish, southern staples like cornbread, collards, butterbeans, and fried chicken will also take center stage as a reminder of the Lowcountry’s roots.”

Grace & Grit will serve dinner daily from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m., with plans for brunch in the future.

Grace & Grit Wants to Reintroduce ‘True Charleston Hospitality’ [ECHS]