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Edmund’s Oast to Retire Pickled Shrimp

One week left to gorge on the dish

Edmund’s Oast pickled shrimp
Bill Addison
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Breaking: Brewpub Edmund’s Oast will retire the crowd-pleasing pickled shrimp from the menu this month. It was assumed that the restaurant’s new executive chef Bob Cook would put his spin on the fare, but no one foresaw that he would 86 such an iconic dish. Ok, maybe iconic is a bit dramatic, but that tangy, creamy creation on rye will be missed by many beer aficionados, as it was a perfect starter to share among a group while deciding on dinner at Edmund’s Oast.

[Update: a representative for Edmund’s Oast said the restaurant has been thinking of taking the item off the menu for some time, so don’t blame Cook.]

Here’s the full press release on the matter:

R.I.P. Edmund’s Oast Pickled Shrimp

The pickled shrimp dish at Edmunds Oast lived for three plus years, satisfying customers of all ages. As the menu continues to evolve under the direction of Executive Chef Bob Cook, the pickled shrimp will be retired from its rotation at the end of next week. As always, the menu will change with seasons, offering customers new and exciting options such as a Hot and Sour Tilefish, Veal Sweetbreads, Grilled Octopus, and a Mac N’ Peas side dish.

To celebrate the life of the dish, Edmunds Oast hosts the RIP Pickled Shrimp Week, offering 1/2 off pickled shrimp Monday, July 10 through Thursday, July 13.

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