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Thai Ice Cream Rolls Onto Upper King

Ice and Pan wants to cool Charleston

Coming soon
Erin Perkins

Thai-inspired rolled ice cream shops have been popping up around the country lately, and now Charleston will soon have one on King Street in the form of Ice and Pan.

Eater writer Rachel Pinn explains the dish: “The creation of this unique ice cream style involves a liquid sweet cream base poured over a frozen stainless steel chilling plate topped with fruit, candy and other add-ins. That mix is then crushed and spread thinly and frozen into a sheet. Finally, the ice cream is scraped by hand into curls called "fat rolls" that are arranged like a bouquet and topped with even more goodies, making each hand-made work of ice cream very instagrammable. That is, of course, if you can refrain from eating it long enough to snap a pic.”

Located at 567 King St., Ice and Pan describes its concept as “... a chain establishment, and this store is dedicated to serving delicious Thai ice cream rolls, tea espresso, bubble tea, and taiyaki sweets.”

The Thai Ice Cream Trend Will Soon Roll Through Carrollton [EDW]
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