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Five Days Left to Bid Farewell to Cypress

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May 28 is the last service

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Today, long-standing Cypress confirms that the rumors of its closing are true. In a statement to the press, president of Hospitality Management Group, Inc. TJ Parsell affirms that the building is under contract, and Cypress will serve its last dinner on Sunday, May 28.

Below is the formal statement

TJ Parsell, President of Hospitality Management Group, Inc. (HMGI) has announced that he will sell his building at 167 E. Bay Street in Charleston, South Carolina. The property, which is currently under contract, houses the acclaimed Cypress restaurant.

The restaurant will close after dinner service on Sunday, May 28. “It was a difficult decision,” said Parsell. “We have owned this building for almost 20 years and are incredibly proud to have built and shared a restaurant that has touched so many guests over the years. However, the time is right for change. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this wonderful space.”

Chef Craig Deihl, who has directed the culinary program at Cypress and HMGI’s latest concept, Artisan Meat Share, will exit HMGI upon Cypress’ closure.

“Craig’s talent and leadership united our team and contributed greatly to Cypress’ success,” added Parsell. “I am grateful to have had such a good friend and culinary partner in him, and I am looking forward to watching his future endeavors. “I am also indebted to our loyal guests over the years and to our entire team at Cypress. Their commitment to fine hospitality has left fond memories for thousands of diners. They will succeed for a long time to come.

HMGI also owns and operates Blossom, Artisan Meat Share, and the legendary Magnolias restaurant, led by HMGI Culinary Arts Director Don Drake.

What will become of the building at 167 East Bay St.? Many industry insiders have heard rumors that the family from touristy seafood restaurant Fleet Landing have their eyes on the address for a new steakhouse. Tell us what you have heard.

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