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FIG and Bertha’s Lead Charleston to Southern 38

Bill Addison explains his choices

Tour the Stunning Leslie McKellar
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Launched today, Eater restaurant editor Bill Addison's lineup of The South's 38 Essential Restaurants is the guide to eating below the Mason Dixon. It’s a glorious list of all the wonderful, varying eateries that paint the modern South. It even comes in map form. Charleston only nabbed two slots but with two strong contenders: farm-to-table standard FIG and fried chicken and lima bean heaven Bertha’s Kitchen.

Addison spoke about his choices for the Lowcountry:

Narrowing down the South’s astonishing breadth of dining options across a dozen states was grueling. Obviously Charleston is one of the most dynamic places in the region — and the country — to eat like mad and relish the sense of place. The list of contenders was long in Charleston, but it came down to FIG (which automatically had a place given its inclusion on our roster of the Best Restaurants in America) and Bertha’s. Of course Sean Brock’s tremendous contributions deserve recognition; he gets the nod in Nashville.

Like all Eater maps, the choices will be ever-evolving: When I return to Charleston soon, I'm looking forward specifically to returning to The Grocery and to trying brand-new Rodney Scott’s BBQ. Readers are welcome to tell me about what they think we missed: I'm at

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Bertha's Kitchen

2332 Meeting Street Rd, charleston, SC 29405


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