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Normandy Farm Bakery Expands Footprint on Broad Street

Something big is in the works

1 Broad St.
Brian Stansberry
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

When logistics firm founder Mark Beck purchased historic landmark 1 Broad St. in 2014, he told Post and Courier that the first floor would likely be occupied by a finance establishment, harking back to the address’ former life as a bank. Now, a more exciting development comes about as Normandy Farm Bakery owner Mike Ray officially announced that he and Ben Johnson will take over the space and make it into an all day restaurant The Room. Rumors about the Broad Street move have been batted around town for months, but now it’s for real.

Ray describes the forthcoming concept as Northern European- style bakery/café meets an Upper East Side Waffle House.” Think latkes and smoked fish with hearty bread. “The history of the building and people watching windows are already there,” he says, “We’re pumped to add some fun food at a super-accessible price point.” The restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Ray hopes to create a dinner service similar to critically acclaimed Bar Normandy, located at 19 Broad St.

Ray says he wants The Room to feel relaxed, accessible, and have a dining room where diners can feel comfortable wearing a t-shirt. Ray is actively searching for a chef for the upcoming restaurant.

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