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Delish! Bakery & Bistro Disappears From Wentworth Street

What happened?

Delish! is no more.
Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

After long-standing hang Andolini’s Pizza vacated 82 Wentworth St. in 2013, it seems the space can’t keep a tenant. Mayo-and-bird pusher Chicken Salad Chick announced their intentions to move in, but decided instead to open in Summerville and Mount Pleasant. Then in 2015, Georgean's Caribbean Soul announced it was negotiating a lease at the space, which never happened.

Outlooks looked promising in 2016 for the opening of local cafe Delish! Bakery & Bistro. The owners renovated the interiors, put out tables, installed signage, and were even maybe open for a day, before Delish! disappeared. Eater inquired about the mysterious vanishing of the cafe, but has not heard any official word why it packed up and left 82 Wentworth St. Rumors say some permitting miscommunications led to the demise, but nothing has been confirmed.

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