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Is Brooks Reitz Bringing Italian to North Central?

Let’s stalk his Instagram to find out!

Brooks Reitz
Leslie McKellar
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Restaurateur Brooks Reitz (Leon’s Oyster Shop and Little Jack’s Tavern) has a knack for putting together establishments that Charleston loves. He’s conquered bivalves and vintage American, but is he now getting into pastas and pizzas? Rumors are floating around town that Reitz is planning an Italian restaurant named Melfi’s located close to his other eateries.

What are the clues? He gave Instagram followers a hint yesterday that something new was on the way. In the corner of the photo, there’s a peek at the Melfi’s logo, which connects it to the Melfi’s Instagram page (oh, and Reitz has Melfi’s listed among his projects in his profile).

Some fun new things in the works. Design phase beginning - my favorite part.

A post shared by Brooks Reitz (@brooksreitz) on

The description given for the forthcoming restaurant is “A laid back spot with thin crust pizza, lots of vegetables, simple pasta, generous cocktails, and an all American wine list. Late 2017, CHS SC.” The website is not active yet.

Reitz and Little Jack’s chef John Amato traveled to Italy late last year, presumably on a research and development trip for the upcoming Melfi’s.

The restaurateur isn’t making any official announcements at this time, but the evidence is pretty clear.

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