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Ladle Tzatzki on Everything at Kairos Greek Kitchen

Plus a look at a new wine shop

Kairos Greek Kitchen
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

The tzatziki at fast-casual Kairos Greek Kitchen wins over Charleston City Paper critic Vanessa Wolf. “Thick and garlicky, with thin strands of cucumber and dill, it's excellent and should be ladled upon everything,” she says, before knocking the poultry, “Especially the chicken, whose hard seared-chunks were rather dry.” Wolf says that the meatballs are the way to go while building a rice bowl, salad, or pita at Kairos. She concludes her review with “... for anyone in a rush in the southern part of Mount Pleasant and in the mood for some world-class tzatziki, the Santorini of Subways awaits.”

Post & Courier critic Hanna Raskin tries something a bit new for her and reviews a wine shop instead of a restaurant. North Central’s Monarch Wine Merchants, founded by The Ordinary’s former general manager Justin Coleman, sells a selection of almost 300 labels. “There are wines that magisterially express centuries of varietal perfection, and wines that even their producers would classify as larks,” states Raskin.

When explaining why she’s reviewing a wine shop, the critic says that “... if there’s anything that’s likely to not just keep Charleston’s dining scene afloat but advance it toward uncharted horizons, it’s a robust wine culture. And considering Monarch’s potential to contribute to it, a real review — with stars and everything — is warranted.”

She’s appreciative of the range of bottles and Coleman’s knowledge and personable service, making wine shopping easier for Charleston.

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