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Feast on Beef Wellington and Pork Schnitzel at Warehouse

New chef, new menu

Warehouse pork schnitzel
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Downtown bar Warehouse brought on chef Jason Daly in September to take the place of Top Chef season 14 alum Emily Hahn, and tonight he premieres his new menu. The daily deviled eggs and chicken bombers are still there, but Daly has imbued some Northern influences to the offerings.

Starting this evening, Warehouse customers can try out a New England fish roll, duck confit poutine, pork schnitzel with sweet pea mornay, and a filet "Wellington," which has all the ingredients of its larger cousin, the beef Wellington.

Daly’s culinary style is (in his own words) “progressive Americana” — specifically, his aim is to blend New England and Lowcountry styles

Warehouse brought on Daly from SALT Restaurant in the small town of Vinalhaven, Maine, after Hahn announced she was leaving for her new Upper King project The Getaway.

Here’s the full menu.

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