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Nico Romo Names His Mount Pleasant Restaurant

Just guess.

Nico Romo
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Since 2007, executive chef Nico Romo ran the kitchen at Upper King pioneer Fish Restaurant, until he left last year to start his own venture. Romo outed the location of the forthcoming spot in August as 201 Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant. Today, the chef reveals that the name of the new place will be NICO and that it should be open in spring 2017. And that’s all the information he’s doling out today.

In addition to the naming, the social media is set up for the restaurant, because how can brands build themselves without a website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account? The main image for all of these outlets is two blue and white plates stocked on top of each other on a rustic wooden table and blueprints for NICO. This tells viewers that the restaurant won’t be fine dining and the space will have an outdoor bar.

Stayed tuned for even more details as they come.

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