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Edmund's Oast Boasts New Brunch Cocktails

Three words: Cinnamon. Toast. Crunch.

Holy City Handcraft cocktail blogger Miguel Buencamino spends his free time exploring all the good libations Charleston has to offer. For Eater, he brings a well-honed eye to the new drink offerings around town — whether that be a revamped menu or a recently opened bar. Today, a look at the updated brunch cocktails at Edmund's Oast.

If a selection of 48 housemade or local beers and sodas on tap, along with a menu of 14 unique cocktails, and an expansive wine list doesn't sound like enough to you, have no fear. NoMo hot spot Edmund's Oast is expanding its craft cocktail selection with a unique brunch-themed drink menu.

Jayce Holy City Handcraft

Head bartender and mixologist, Jayce McConnell is the mustachioed man with the plan. If you've been to Edmund's Oast, you've likely seen its popular cocktail, The Red Wedding' made with bourbon, Averna Amaro, and bright red ice cubes made with hibiscus, ginger, thyme, and sweet tea. Along with the classics like the bloody mary and Corpse Reviver #2, McConnell has created a creative and playful brunch cocktail menu in the same vein as The Red Wedding. The new menu is guaranteed to pull on the heartstrings of cocktail snobs and casual brunch lovers alike.


french toast crunch Holy City Handcraft

Remember when you were just a youngin' and your mom would have a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch waiting for you at the breakfast table? You'd devour those sugar coated, cinnamon-swirled squares until you get to the best part: that sweet, sweet maple, cinnamon flavored milk. This cocktail is the epitome of that entire childhood experience, all contained in a rocks glass. It's bourbon, rum, "french toast crunch cereal"(winkyface) milk, maple syrup, and fresh grated nutmeg. It's almost surprising Edmund's doesn't serve it in a bowl. This could almost be considered a breakfast cocktail instead of a brunch cocktail. ($12)


Pimms Ressurection Holy City Handcraft

Made with Pimm's No. 1, green Chartreuse, gin, cucumber, mint, strawberries, blackberries, lemon, ginger, and sparkling rosé. This drink is made with three different liquors/liqueurs, two of which are not traditionally found in a Pimm's Cup. The use of fresh ginger and sparkling rosé, instead of ginger ale, take this to a whole new level for a Pimm's Cup. McConnell's recipe is a thoughtful tribute to the original. ($12)


voodoo economics Holy City Handcraft

Voodoo Economics is Edmund Oast's take on an Irish iced coffee but with aged rum, dry curacao, allspice dram, and chocolate bitters. This cocktail contains NO dairy (rejoice, lactose intolerant people), but it still achieves a latte-like mouthfeel due to the cocktail shaking method and the natural frothiness of the coffee. It's almost like a chocolate espresso milkshake with just that slight hint of orange flavor. ($12)


red wedding Holy City Handcraft

As mentioned before, this could be considered Edmund's Oast's flagship cocktail — of course it manages to find its way into the brunch cocktail menu. Since most of the flavors are contained within the ice cubes swimming in the Elijah Craig bourbon, don't drink this one too fast. Let the ice cubes slowly melt into the cocktail, it transforms with every sip, providing a rich and complex beverage. ($12)


pig latin Holy City Handcraft

Don't be fooled by this gorgeous cocktail. What seems like a bright, unassuming drink is actually a complex combination of flavors with the base spirit being tequila — Reposado tequila to be exact, combined with pamplemousse, lime, Peychaud's bitters, and creme de violette. It's floral, tart and sweet with a slight touch of bitterness — and not too bad to look at. ($12)


pina collateral Holy City Handcraft

Admittedly, this particular cocktail is not on the brunch menu, but it would be a shame not to mention it (considering Edmund's Oast full cocktail menu is available to order during brunch service). The Pina Collateral is another play on a classic, made with Plantation rum, añejo tequila, cumin, and lime. The final touch being a flamed star anise floating just above the surface. ($14)

View the rest of the Edmund's Oast beverage menu here. The restaurant sits at 1081 Morrison Dr. and opens for brunch at 10:00 a.m. on Sundays.

Edmund's Oast

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