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Parlor Deluxe Serves Final Hot Dog

No more waffle sundaes

Parlor Deluxe
Emma Humphries
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Right on the heels of a successful pop-up series and an enticing waffle sundae food porn video, Parlor Deluxe hung up the ice cream scoops for the last time yesterday.

The press release from the swank soda shop says that this past Tuesday was the final chance for patrons to indulge in tater tot poutine, gourmet hot dogs, and ice cream creations at the corner of Spring and St. Philip Streets. The shutter is said to allow chef Emily Hahn and her team to “focus on their neighboring restaurant, Warehouse.”

Co-owner James Groetzinger is quoted as saying, “With summer winding down, we have decided that it’s the best time to refocus on our first born. On behalf of The Jerks at PD, we want to thank our friends, family, neighbors and great guests for all of the fun soda shop nostalgia and madness.”

Parlor Deluxe opened up in August 2015.

Parlor Deluxe

, Charleston, SC (843) 900-7574