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Sean Brock and Revelry Brewing Release Heritage Grain Malt Liquor

Amber Waves of booze

Revelry Brewing
Revelry Brewing
Revelry Brewing
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Earlier this year, award-winning Revelry Brewing Co. head brewer Ryan Coker teamed up with award-winning chef Sean Brock to create a heritage grain-based malt liquor at the Conroy Street warehouse. The beverage would utilize heirloom varieties like Jimmy Red Corn and Carolina Gold Rice, which are used frequently in Brock’s restaurants.

Now is the time to try what the team has produced with the bottle release of Amber Waves next Sunday, September 18. Revelry Brewing announced today that tickets are on sale to bring home a bottle of the malt beverage and sample a dish from Brock at newcomer McCrady’s Tavern:

Join us Sunday Sept 18, 2016 3-5PM @ McCrady's Tavern for the release of Amber Waves. Chef Sean Brock and Head Brewer Ryan Coker have teamed up to bring you a historically accurate heritage grain malt liquor brewed North Carolina 2-Row, Virginia 6-Row, North Carolina Rye, and South Carolina Jimmy Red Corn and Carolina Gold Rice. Brewed in Collaboration with Revelry Brewing, Chef Sean Brock, Geechie Boy Mill, Anson Mills, and Riverbend Malt House. Ticket includes a Sean Brock pair dish to go with your 22oz bottle of Amber Waves.

Tickets go on Sale Tuesday Sept 6, 2016 3PM at the link provided. Limited tickets available. $25

Shell out the dough if you want to sample what Brock and Coker have been brewing.