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Changes at King Street Staples Monza and Closed For Business

Chef shuffles and more

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Chefs Leila Schardt and Italo Marino came back to Upper King principals Monza and Closed for Business in 2013, after a short stint at Basico, and now after three years, it’s time for them to depart again. Co-owner of Neighbourhood restaurant group Brooks Reitz explains that the chefs will leave on October 2, and “the departure is positive for all parties and they are leaving on great terms.” Chef Rob Nathanson will take over.

Reitz also announces a few other changes for the group. Neighbourhood partners have sold their interests in Taco Boy, so now their properties include Monza and CFB, as well as Leon’s Oyster Shop and Little Jack’s Tavern.

Genevieve Mashburn was named Director of Operations for the group, and John Amato moved up to Culinary Director, overseeing Leon’s, Little Jack’s, Monza, CFB, and “any future projects.”

Look for a few adjustments to the menus at Monza and CFB, but nothing too dramatic.


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