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The Westendorff to Reopen as Greek Restaurant Stella’s

Changes this fall

Check Out the Restoration of The Westendorff
The Westendorff
Emma Humphries
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Say goodbye to shrimp and grits and hello to spanakopita and grilled halloumi, as brunch-heavy restaurant The Westendorff transitions to a Greek restaurant early next year. Owner Steven Niketas sent a press release out this morning detailing the changes for the restaurant at the corner of Radcliffe and St. Philip Streets.

Here are the highlights:

  • The Westendorff will serve its final brunch on October 17. The space will reopen as Stella’s early in 2017.
  • Stella’s is a partnership between Niketas and friends Johnny and Katrina Giavos, who have ran Richmond-based Stella’s with chef Stella Dikos, who opened the first version of the eatery in 1983.
  • “We’re thrilled to bring this concept to the area and answer what I believe is a great need for more dining diversity in the city.”
  • Niketas’ mother Elane Yatrelis Niketas will help guide the transition in the kitchen.
  • The interiors will be slightly tweaked to reflect the new Greek concept.

In a time when so many new, new American restaurants are trying to make it in Charleston, a concept like rustic, family-recipe Greek could really stand out. To see what Stella’s serves in Richmond, check here, and then keep an eye here for all the changes at 114 St. Philip St.

The Westendorff

114 Saint Philip St, Charleston, SC 29424 (843) 400-0026