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Sean Brock Drops Hints on the Updated McCrady’s

Crab and crispy duck?

Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

A peek in the former Minero space — the new McCrady’s 2.0 dining room — reveals an open kitchen in place and tables and chairs for guests. Shades cover the windows now, but it could be any day now that Sean Brock reveals his ideal vision for the McCrady’s concept.

"Everyone wrote that McCrady's was closing, but that's so untrue. McCrady's is taking a little nap, getting a new set of clothes, a little makeover, and is coming back stronger and cooler than ever," Brock recently told Eater Charleston. "McCrady's will shrink down to 22 seats [with an open kitchen in the dining room], one menu, and it will be the most intense food I ever created. That's not closing McCrady's — that's making McCrady's into what I always wanted it to be. I'm very excited about that."

While the world waits to see what Brock is up to, he had placed a few hints at the research and development for the new McCrady’s on his Instagram account.

•Charleston Ice Cream, Charleston Stone Crab•

A photo posted by hseanbrock (@hseanbrock) on

Charleston's Finest, that's not me moving the claw on the right

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Duck meat, glazed with pear molasses and smoked soy for @mccradys R&D

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Feels damn good to be filling up notebooks for the rebirth of our beloved @mccradys

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Check back for opening dates and menus.


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