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Lewis Barbecue's Secret Weapon Is a Green Chile Corn Pudding

Plus, Luke's Craft Pizza dominates the take-out game

Leslie McKellar

This week City Paper critic Suzanne Cohen visits take-out hotspot Luke's Craft Pizza, where owners Luke and Brittany Davis have nailed the "vast knowledge of chemistry a chef must possess in order to create a dough that can withstand high oven temperatures, become crispy without burning, and maintain the desired structural integrity during its steamy trip home." Well, okay then.  What to order?

My two overwhelming favorites were in a dead heat... The nightly special pizza ($19) featured a ricotta base topped with sausage and blistered shishito peppers...a simple white pizza with basil ($15)... was gorgeous.

The Post & Courier's Hanna Raskin heads to Lewis Barbecue, the incredible new eatery from Texas pitmaster John Lewis, who basically mastered the art of brisket thanks to years at Austin's La Barbecue. So what's in store? "Magnificent" brisket and "legitimate sides" including Chef Philip Powers's take on slaw and potato salad and an incredible green chile corn pudding:

An exceptional exposition of eggs and summer sweetness that dares to suggest Lewis' single greatest contribution to Charleston is his firm grasp of Tex-Mex cookery.

In fact, Lewis Barbecue does a Tex Mex night on Tuesdays and things get creative (brisket enchiladas, anyone?), but may be a little "too much". There's also a killer backyard with an "unmistakably Texas atmosphere," and of course the feeling that this spot is a carnivore's dreamland.