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Behold Chef Michael Toscano’s Magnificent Brunch Burger

So pretty, so beefy

Le Farfalle Brunch Burger
Le Farfalle Brunch Burger
Rachel Venter
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

This morning Italian eatery Le Farfalle dropped the news that it would start brunch this Saturday and Sunday, August 6 and 7. The menu is full of Italian-influenced morning meals, some nods to chef Michael Toscano’s Mexican heritage, boozy brunch drinks, and a mic-dropping burger.

For the Le Farfalle burger, Toscano grinds ribeye in house and sears eight ounce patties on a griddle. For toppings, the kitchen makes a rosemary-garlic cheese to melt on top, places grilled onions on that, and then spreads a housemade porcini mustard and aioli with raw garlic and black pepper on the pan au lait buns or open-faced semolina sesame toast. The $21 burger comes with a choice of seasoned curly fries or salad.

When Toscano worked at Montmarte in New York City, his burger was hailed as the best by New York Magazine. Toscano says he really likes constructing burgers for guests. He aims to have a perfectly held together stack, not messy, and balanced textures.

Toscano shared the above photo with Eater before releasing the food porn to Instagram.

Rachel Venter

Le Farfalle

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