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Chef Nico Romo Drops Hints On New Place

Looking at you, Mount Pleasant

201 Coleman Blvd.
201 Coleman Blvd.
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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

At the beginning of summer, long-time Fish chef Nico Romo announced his departure from the Upper King institution. Romo and Fish holding company Patrick Properties Hospitality Group announced that the chef would transition out of the kitchen by the end of summer.

With September nearing, Romo is starting to drop hints on his next move. On the chef’s personal Facebook page, he posted a photo of what appears to be blueprints for 201 Coleman Blvd., Mount Pleasant. Earlier this year, Post & Courier reported on proposed changes to the address (the former Sette VII site) as a new bar/restaurant. Representatives for Romo confirmed the address, but were unable to comment on further details.

Once Romo exits Fish, we’re sure more information will roll out. Keep an eye here for more on the chef’s next project.