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Henrietta’s Invites Patrons For Grass-Fed Burger Lunches

(Among other menu items)

Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Recently-opened posh spot Henrietta’s ramps up to an all day menu today with the addition of lunch service. The Mazyck-Wraggborough newcomer opened in The Dewberry hotel on June 21, with dinner service only.

The evening menu for Henrietta’s reads like a Southern brasserie with choices ranging from Parisian gnocchi with Jonah crab to steak frites to gougères with chicken liver mousse. The lunch menu isn’t out yet, but The Dewberry’s Instagram account promises grass-fed beef burgers with a seeded potato bun and fries, crispy duck confit salad, and a cream of mussels soup.

A jaunt past Henrietta’s, located on the corner of Meeting and Henrietta Streets, reveals that the restaurant has also set up a patio facing Marion Square. It’s a little warm to eat outside today, but maybe some brave souls will give it a try — it is on the shady side of the building (as of noon).