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Grab a Sneak Peek of Upcoming Scarecrow With a Wine Dinner

And then tell us what you see

Leslie McKellar
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Two-thirds of the Ann Street empire built by acclaimed chef Damon Wise and brand builder Jonathan Buckley are open, but one piece remains. While patrons have checked out Feathertop and Wise Buck Smoked Meats, the third concept Scarecrow hasn’t come online yet.

The third restaurant sits on the north side of the building nearest Ann Street. This dinner-only establishment is the most upscale of the trio, with prices ranging from $14 to $32. Wood-fired items highlighting Lowcountry produce shape the Scarecrow menu. A brick oven and open flame grill takes center stage in the dining room, and guests will have front row seats to the chefs prepping dinner, as banquettes surround the fire station. They plan to have an outdoor wine garden at Scarecrow and a reserve wine cellar.

Wise and Buckley are offering a chance to get inside Scarecrow before anyone else with a special wine dinner on Thursday, July 21. Wise will pair up with winemaker Maggie Harrison of Antica Terra and Lillian to present a five-course meal with pairings/ Harrison’s wines focus on chardonnays and pinot noirs of the Willamette Valley. The cost of the dinner is $150 and can be reserved by calling (843) 306-0101 or emailing

It shouldn’t be too long after the July 21 dinner that Scarecrow will be open to the public.

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