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5 Weeks Left To Enjoy Two Boroughs Larder

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Say it ain't so

Heather, Josh, and Walter.
Heather, Josh, and Walter.
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

When Two Boroughs Larder opened in 2011, the restaurant quickly became the darling of the culinary-minded set. Chef Josh Keeler's thoughtful plates and addictive noodle bowls were a "must" for many. He and wife Heather opened Two Boroughs Larder as a sandwich shop, as a way to spend less time in restaurants and more time with each other. However, Josh's ambitious menu propelled the concept, and it evolved into an all-day cafe with some of the most solid examples of new American cuisine in Charleston. This paid off with three nominations for the James Beard Foundation’s Best Chef Southeast.

The couple slowed down last year and only offered dinners and weekend brunch as a way to concentrate on service and focus on each other. The new hours demanded just as much time from them, especially with the dwindling market of quality food and beverage workers in Charleston.

They have now decided it is time to close Two Boroughs Larder. "We came in at a good time," says Josh, "I'm happy about the name we made for ourselves." The environment in Charleston is different than when the restaurant opened in 2011 — a new space opens every week and spreads the dining population thinner, as well as the pool of potential employees.

"I wish we could step away from it and do the things we have in our minds and come back to it later," explains Josh, "but it doesn't work like that." The couple values their time, and they want to take a break and enjoy each other for a while.

The restaurant will remain open until the end of July. "We want everyone to come out and have one last meal," says Heather. "We want the next five weeks to be really positive," chimes in Josh, "We're not leaving Charleston. We just want to have a good time."

The couple plans to stay here, and Josh wants to work in another kitchen, explaining, "I can be more beneficial to someone else than I am trying to run our restaurant."

Stop by 186 Coming St. before July 31 to say goodbye to Heather, Josh, and Two Boroughs Larder mascot Walter.

Two Boroughs Larder

186 Coming St, Charleston, SC 29403 843-637-3722