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Know Lewis Barbecue By Its Marvelous New Sign

Smoked meats soon

Lewis Barbecue
Lewis Barbecue
Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Advantages of opening a restaurant in NoMo, rather than downtown, include cheaper real estate, more parking, and less restrictions on signage from the Board of Architectural Review. Forthcoming Lewis Barbecue shows off its new big sign on the front of the 464 N. Nassau St. building, teasing that smoked meats are coming soon.

Sign installer to the stars Limelight Sign Co. recently polished up the spiffy building branding on displayed it on their Instagram account.

A ride past the smoked meat palace reveals chairs, tables, and a dining room ready for guests, but it may be a few days before the public gets its hands on pitmaster John Lewis’ sweet, sweet brisket. The restaurant hosts a friends and family event this weekend, and it shouldn’t be too long after that everyone gets to pile in on the meaty love fest.

Keep here for updates on hours, menus, permits, and everything else that goes along with opening a restaurant.

Lewis BBQ

464 N Nassau St, Charleston, SC 29403 (843) 805-9500