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Ink n Ivy Wants to Take the 'Norm Out of Normal'

With a "a spritz of creativity."

A peek at Ink n Ivy from King Street
A peek at Ink n Ivy from King Street
Erin Perkins

While fans of reality show Southern Charm got excited for French/Mexican restaurant Generalísimo to open on King Street, that plot line went bust and the producer/restaurateur Bryan Kestner left town. With Kestner out, Charlotte-based Bottle Cap Group decided to install a Lowcountry version of Ink n Ivy into the former Taylor's Pawn Shop address on Upper King.

The 565 King St. restaurant will be the third installment of the franchise, behind Charlotte and Greenville. Construction continues, and there's already a bar and chandeliers in place. While the new American restaurant doesn't have a menu yet, the website states it will be open from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. with a raw bar, big cuts of beef, and "a spritz of creativity."

From the description of the concept:

There’s a little something for everyone. Chipotle spiced pecans, fried oyster Caesar salad, and loads of classic American cuisines with a fresh twist. Ink and Ivy will be taking the "norm" out of normal and replacing it with the freshest produce and ingredients in the area and a spritz of creativity with each and every plateful of food.

Let's all just take a moment to savor "taking the 'norm' out of normal."

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