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Former Big John's Tavern Transitions to Tropical Oasis

Cane came a long way from the dive

The transition phase
The transition phase
Erin Perkins

Former imbibers of Big John's Tavern may not recognize the place once forthcoming Cane Rhum Bar + Caribbean Kitchen — and that's the idea. Cane wants patrons to feel like they are in a tropical oasis, not a decades-old dive. The interiors are cleared out of the old decor, and there's now a big fish mounted over the fireplace. For reference, here's a photo of the former bar.

As "Rhum Chef" Paul Yellin and team work to bring together their idea of a warm paradise on East Bay Street, we'll be waiting on the mai tais, daiquiris, jerk chicken, and grilled jumbo garlic prawns.

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