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Bad Bitches Launch Aunt Harriet’s Pop-Up at Queen Street Grocery

The "softer side" of the Bad Bitches

Anhalt and Adams
Anhalt and Adams
Amanda Greeley
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

All-female pop-up crew Bad Bitches bring something new to Charleston this month with an intimate dinner series titled An Evening at Aunt Harriet’s. Founders Nikki Anhalt and Sarah Adams say they are showing their "softer side" with a petite setting of Queen Street Grocery and a family-style meal inspired by ingredients of the Lowcountry.

April 17 will be the first Aunt Harriet's dinner, but the duo hopes to keep it going. Adams says, "We are going to start slow and see where it goes. I would love to be cooking on a very regular basis.  We are going to try to keep the location consistent." Before starting Bad Bitches with Anhalt, Adams worked as Executive Sous Chef of Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore and Sous Chef at FIG.

Adams explains the name of the pop-up:

The portrait of Harriet was painted in my family’s farmhouse in Maine, circa 1849 and from what we know, it was her wedding portrait. It’s hauntingly beautiful as her eyes tend to follow you around the room.

With the explosion of Bad Bitches Charleston last year, I wasn’t able to be in the kitchen as much.  It’s been a great year of personal growth and new opportunities, but my heart is in the kitchen.  I’m a cook and I plan on making that very clear this year.  This concept is the one I’ve been intimidated by the most, but also most excited by.  It’s my food, my concept, and my soul with no smoke in mirrors. I have been in the food and beverage industry in Charleston since I was 15 years old with the exception of one year in Baltimore, so it’s a big deal for me to get to share my food with the town and industry that raised me.  There are so many talented people cooking in Charleston right now.  It’s scary as shit to really put my food out there, but I’m ready.

There will be only 20 tickets available for the evening. The $65 entrance fee covers dinner and drinks for the guests. Tickets go on sale on April 8 at

Portrait of Aunt Harriet Amanda Greeley

Portrait of Aunt Harriet

Samples of what to expect. Amanda Greeley

Samples of what to expect.

Queen Street Grocery

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