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Delish! Bakery & Bistro Cleans Up Former Andolini's Pizza

A new look for Wentworth Street

The new digs at Delish! Bakery & Bistro
The new digs at Delish! Bakery & Bistro
Erin Perkins

The former Andolini's Pizza was many things: a cheap hangout for beer, a quick lunch spot, and an easy hangover cure — but not a space known for its tidy interiors. Delish! Bakery & Bistro took on the task of renovating the loveably grungy dining room at 82 Wentworth St. into a place more befitting of a "gourmet marketplace."

The purple booths and dusty paraphernalia of Andolini's are gone and in their place is a bright, Tiffany blue room with exposed brick fireplace and modern light fixtures. Delish! says they plan to be open "soon."

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