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Short Grain and Artisan Meat Share Destroyed the Dumpling Pop-Up

Chicken confit baozi, ftw

The crowd at AMS
The crowd at AMS
Kenneth Andrews
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

On Saturday night, popular food truck Short Grain and popular sandwich shop Artisan Meat Share teamed up for a super packed evening of dumplings and Szechuan vegetables. Local food enthusiast Kenneth Andrews stopped by the event and captured the crowds packed into the small Spring Street space. "Everything was INSANELY good," said Andrews.

As evidence of everyone's excitement over dumplings, Short Grain posted a photo of a line of ticket orders that reached half the length of the building and wrote, "This was half the amount of tickets that came in between 7-830, the half where we were so in the weeds we stopped looking at tickets..."

Artisan Meat Share

33 Spring St, Charleston, SC (843) 641-7299