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Chef Sean Brock Expands Husk Empire to Greenville and Savannah

By the end of 2017, there will be four Husk restaurants in the South

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Celebrity chef Sean Brock readies to spread the gospel of Husk restaurants across the East Coast with two additional locations of the successful Southern concept. Brock tells Food & Wine that he and Neighborhood Dining Group president David Howard will open a Husk on Main Street in Greenville, South Carolina this fall and a fourth version of the concept in Savannah in 2017.

The original Husk opened in Charleston in 2010 with a commitment to hyperlocal products — if it wasn't grown in the South, it wasn't coming into the kitchen. Husk was an immediate hit with the public and the press, rising to the top of numerous "best of" lists in its first year. With the success of the Charleston venture, Brock brought a Husk to Nashville in 2013, which spurred critics to debate which restaurant reigned supreme. In his review of the two Southern titans, Eater restaurant editor Bill Addison remarked, "The two Husks share many similarities, beginning with Victorian mansion settings, but the 550 miles between them has allowed each to develop distinct, rooted identities." Addison declared Tennessee the winner with "The cooking at Husk Nashville synthesizes the whole of Brock's culinary personality."

Brock plans to make the Greenville and Savannah locations unique by studying local cuisine. He states that he will research "old spiral-bound church and community cookbooks. And hire locals who can teach [him] about the food." He ends his interview with "If you think about it, every city could have a Husk."

Eater has reached out for additional comments on the new additions to the Brock empire.