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Chef Raul Sanchez Offers Tacos and Quesadillas Downtown

A new spot for Taco Tuesdays

Sign at R. Kitchen
Sign at R. Kitchen
Erin Perkins

When the lease was not renewed at Park Circle favorite Raul's Maya Del Sol, chef Raul Sanchez found a new home in the R. Kitchen space downtown. Sanchez told City Paper that he rents the kitchen during the day to serve some of the same Mexican-influenced favorites sold at his former restaurant.

On a recent visit, Sanchez tells Eater that he has a schedule for the lunches (Monday-Friday, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).
Monday and Wednesday: Sanchez makes Mexican-inspired plates. For example, today's offering was pulled pork, deviled shrimp, or mole chicken with rice and beans.
Tuesday and Friday: Taco day with homemade tortillas, and, well, homemade everything.
Thursday: Burrito or quesadilla day.

Sanchez says that many former customers have visited and they tell him they enjoy being able to chat with him because of the intimate space and open kitchen.

R. Kitchen

212 Rutledge Avenue, , SC 29403 (843) 789-4342 Visit Website

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