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Critic Finds 'Return of Pleasant, All-Ages Dining to James Island' at CURE

What the critics are saying this week

Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Classic steakhouse CURE opened quietly on James Island without so much as a website or press release, and now it has a winning review from one of Charleston's toughest critics Hanna Raskin. Though she pokes at the acronym CURE, Comfortable Upscale Relaxed Environment, and there are some food mishaps, she and her guests have a good time at the Maybank Highway restaurant.

Boy, is that name ever not trendy. Not only is it lightly oxymoronic, it has the overprocessed ring of a name you’d invent for team trivia. And yet I can’t overstate how great it is that Cure doesn’t care about the latest thing. Instead of shoehorning hot chicken onto its menu or coming up with cool check presenters, the restaurant has invested its energy in old-fashioned details, such as attentive service and well-made food. Cure is one of the best things to happen to James Island’s dining scene in years.

You can't get any higher praise than "one of the best things to happen to James Island's dining scene in years." Raskin appreciates the classic menu items, like Cornish hen and steak tartare, while complimenting the service. The cocktails aren't novel and the wine list has too many glasses of Chardonnay, but the critic declares CURE signals the "... return of pleasant, all-ages dining to James Island ...."


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