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Alton Brown Launches 'Eat Your Science' Tour in Charleston

There might be lasers?

Alton Brown
Alton Brown
Courtesy Alton Brown Live
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Everyone's favorite food philosopher and Food Network star Alton Brown will launch his new "Eat Your Science" tour in Charleston, at the Gaillard Center, on April 6, 2016. The show promises new songs, new standup, new opportunities for audience interaction, and new innovations. "We've done things that have never been done on stage before, and now we're doing even more things on stage that have never been done before," said Brown, "I can't reveal what the things are, but we're inventing some culinary demonstrations that, when I've gone to very, very technical people, and I've told them what I wanted, they turned their heads funny, like when a dog hears a very high-pitched sound — you know you're on to something then."

Brown and crew will build the show at the Gaillard, which means they'll be putting together all the elements on stage for the first time. Charleston will be the inaugural city to experience "Eat Your Science." Brown thinks the spontaneity of opening night should create a "very authentic experience" for the audience.

If there's a town in the South that I wanted to be able to lock myself into for basically a week, it's Charleston.

While working on the show, Brown and team will set up camp in Charleston for a few days. "If there's a town in the South that I wanted to be able to lock myself into for basically a week, it's Charleston," he stated. Brown has explored the culinary offerings of Lowcountry in the past — and famously declared his admiration for Jack's Cosmic Dogs — but this time, he will take suggestions from fans on his dining destinations. Followers can shout-out their favorite restaurants and coffee shops with the hashtag #ABRoadEatsCHS on Twitter. "The people in Charleston are very passionate about food and they should be," said Brown. The suggestions on Twitter are already rolling in and will probably become more frequent closer to the show.

When pushed one last time to disclose some details about the tour, Brown revealed, "... we're using words that we've never used before, like laser." On April 6, Charleston will be the first to experience what he's hinting at.

Ticket prices vary and are available online or by calling the Gaillard at (843) 242-3099.