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Dixie Supply Bakery & Cafe Closed Due to Unforeseen Death

An unexpected shutter going into 2017

Goodbye, Dixie.
Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

After almost 10 years on the peninsula, Dixie Supply Bakery & Cafe shuttered this past week. According to the sign in the window and a Facebook update, Dixie decided to close “Due to the owner’s recent unexpected passing.” Co-owner Kris Holmes died on September 24, 2016, and according to her obituary, “... was known to journalists from around the world for her amazing tomato pie!”

The restaurant had a reputation for its easy breakfasts, shrimp and grits, and Holmes’ tomato pie. Market Street workers and visitors were frequent guests due to the cafe’s proximity on State Street.

According to Dixie’s website,

Allen and Kris Holmes owned Terrible Tom's Bakery & Café in historic Charleston's City Market for nine years. In 1993, they sold the bakery and traveled throughout Europe and all around the United States until July 2007. It was time to come home, and Dixie Supply Bakery & Café, located at 62 State Street, in Charleston, South Carolina was born.

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