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Top Charleston Restaurant Stories of 2016

Countdown to number one

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

What happened in 2016? Take a look through this top ten list to see the biggest headlines from the past year.

10. Sean Brock Unveils Big Changes for Charleston Institution McCrady's

In the days before opening two Charleston restaurants, Sean Brock set the record straight for Eater, explaining his vision behind McCrady's Tavern and the updated McCrady's.

9. The Commodore Takes Over Former Touch of Class Address

The Commodore took over the former jazz club Touch of Class. In 2014, Eater tracked a story that Sheppard Street LLC was asking for permission to build a music venue and restaurant in the space — and in April, we finally found out.

8. An Eater's Guide to Charleston

A thoroughly researched guide on how to eat through the Lowcountry. There are selections for every taste that visitors and locals could crave.

7. Ultimate Guide to Seafood Restaurants in Charleston

Visitors to the Lowcountry want to know where to eat great oysters, shrimp, and fish — so we gave it to them. A handy guide for anyone looking to eat from the waters surrounding the Holy City.


6. Here's Your Chance to Be a Diner on 'Top Chef' Charleston

Everyone wants to be famous, right? When Top Chef announced they would film in Charleston, readers immediately started asking, “How do I get on the show?” Judge Gail Simmons sent out a tweet asking for diners, and the town went nuts.

5. 10 Must-Visit Savannah Restaurants

Savannah is a super quick trip from Charleston, and you’re going to want to eat once you’re there. This Eater guide picks ten of the most essential dinning destinations in the small Southern town. From The Florence to Back in the Day Bakery, there are some great finds.

4. Club Pantheon Shutters the Doors and Stops the Dancing Tonight

When word came through that long-standing dance floor Club Pantheon would shutter, everyone panicked. The space went on to become Cure Nightclub, but the Panther will live on in our hearts.

3. How to Spot Chef Ashley Christensen's Stolen Pig Cooker

Some dirtbag stole chef Ashley Christensen’s pig cooker back in January and she was not too happy about it. Eater Charleston helped out by letting readers know how to spot the cooker if the thief was dumb enough to take in public.

2. The Most Anticipated Charleston Restaurant Openings, Spring 2016

2016 was a huge year for restaurant openings and everyone kept track with the Eater Charleston seasonal opening guides. Spring was huge because all the projects that didn’t happen in 2015 started to welcome guests — some still haven’t finished. Yes, we’re talking about you, Pancito & Lefty.

1. 11 Charleston Bars or Restaurants With Breathtaking Views

When it’s not sweltering hot or raining (88% of the year), Charleston likes to get outside and drink in the beautiful views of the city, as well as a couple of adult beverages. The sunsets are not to be missed and neither is this guide to breathtaking views.