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A dollop will do
Reese Moore

Katy Keefe Shows Off Her Soufflé Technique


Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Pastry chef Katy Keefe thought of comfort when building her menu for Sean Brock’s McCrady’s Tavern. Keefe imagined sweaters, fireplaces, and what sort of dessert goes along with that cozy feeling. She came up with a rum caramel soufflé for the restaurant.

Keefe admits that soufflés are some of her favorite sweets and swears it’s easy — but she is a master pastry chef, after all. It’s a classic dessert to match the turn-of-the-century menu at McCrady’s Tavern.

The pastry chef starts by making a rum caramel, freezing it, and then placing it into a ramekin, before pouring a mixture of egg whites, sugar, and semi sweet plus 99% chocolate over it. “It’s so rich, yet so light,” says Keefe. She finishes the dish with a spoonful of butterscotch whipped cream.

Check out her technique here.

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