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Le Farfalle’s Truffle-Smothered Pasta Totally Worth It

Make it rain (truffles)

Truffle Pasta at Le Farfalle
Erin Perkins
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Italian newcomer Le Farfalle pulls out all the stops with its latest tableside truffle service. Chef Michael Toscano butters the fresh pasta in the kitchen, but then he delivers the hot pan to the table to toss the noodles in a flaming wheel of parmesan. Lit with grappa, the heated cheese melds nicely with the lightly-sauced strands. Toscano then shaves truffles into the mix, plates the pasta, shaves some more pungent slices of luxury onto the plate, and then you devour. Toscano sources these nuggets of flavor from Mike Rojas at Urbani Truffles.

Toscano says he got the inspiration for the dish from a trip to Italy: “I’d seen trattorias in Rome doing this type of preparation with carbonara and thought it was amazing. I dreamed up this idea to do during truffle season, because if you’re paying for truffles, you should get a show to go with it. It’s exciting for me too. I’ve been thinking about this since before we open.”

Check out this video of the white truffle service here. Le Farfalle offers this presentation for $50 with three grams of truffles and $100 for seven grams of truffles.

Truffle pasta at Le Farfalle