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Smoke BBQ Battles to Keep Mural in Mount Pleasant

Too big?

Susan Lucas

Popular King Street stop Smoke BBQ announced plans to expand to Mount Pleasant earlier this year. Co-owners/brothers Roland and Michael Feldman took over the former Black Sheep Bar & Grill space at 713 Coleman Blvd. for their new store. As part of the renovation, Smoke commissioned artist Sean Williams to paint a mural on the side of the building, but now, the Town of Mount Pleasant thinks it might be too big. Roland reached out to Eater to explain:

From the beginning, Smoke BBQ has allowed the mind and talent of local artist Sean Williams of be one of the driving forces behind our brand emerging into the public eye. He has truly captured our style while drawing from a localized Charleston perspective. His imagery is front and center portrayed in a side building mural at our 713 location. It is pure driven Lowcountry, from its tidal creek and marsh scape, to the beautiful rich sunshine falling down on the scene.

I would suggest you put eyes on the piece as it may not last long. It seems the Town of Mt. Pleasant considers any mural to be "signage," and we may need to remove the piece, as it is "too big." We are going to fight as hard as well can to keep the piece, and perhaps even sway the Town to adopt new regulations concerning local art complementing their street sides and businesses.

Charleston is emerging as a world class tourist destination and part of what defines our city is its local art and artists. I notice murals all over historic downtown Charleston, completing our history with the minds of young local artist. Even healing, like the Mother Emmanuel mural on the Redux building. I was driving past the library on far upper King and even noticed a beautiful mural on the side of that building. This is the future of our town and we are honored to possibly play a roll in the beautification and evolution of Mt. Pleasant.

Roland says they are trying to arrange a setting in which they can go before the town and propose that the art stays on Coleman Boulevard. He is currently reaching out to Town Council members.

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