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Queen Street Grocery Owner Gets Cozy With Marlon Wayans

Nice undies

Best appearance of undergarments on Eater?
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Actor/owner of Queen Street Grocery Rob Bouton might lead one of the most interesting lives in Charleston. When he’s not overseeing delicate crepes and killer sandwich specials coming out of his neighborhood shop, he’s gathering screen time (you may recognize him from Enclosure or Dawson’s Creek) for his IMDb page. With Marlon Wayans in town to film a new Netflix movie, Bouton scored a role as Jay the pedicab driver. Just yesterday, a photo of Bouton and Wayans (in very little clothing) became Instagram (@robbouton) gold.

Wayans stopped by Charleston to create his new Netflix movie Naked. The romantic comedy is a remake of Swedish film Naken — basically like Groundhog Day, but Wayans’ character wakes up in the buff in an elevator the day of his wedding and must relive the hour before his ceremony over and over again. Numerous locals have spotted the actor around town, but he hasn’t popped in any restaurant feeds yet — perhaps Bouton can offer him a Nutella crepe or a Happy Houdini pressed ham sandwich at Queen Street Grocery.

Queen Street Grocery

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