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Will Anson Restaurant Reopen in September?


Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

Ever since a tragic fire on Christmas Eve, 2013, fans of Anson have questioned when the Southern restaurant would reopen. Eater has obsessively tracked the construction, hiring, and ever-changing opening dates since the shutter. Yet, we are still no closer to predicting when the kitchen will again be online, as the timeline shifted again.

As reported in June, Anson announced they would open mid-August, but now the website states, "We hope to resume service to our local guests and visitors pending completion of construction and final inspections, Anson hopes to reopen around September 15."

Check back to see if this deadline sticks.

Anson Restaurant

12 Anson St, Charleston, SC 29401 (843) 577-0551 Visit Website