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Stick to Skewers at Myles and Jun Yakitori; Heritage Masters the Basics

What the critics are saying this week.

Myles and Jun Yakitori
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

City Paper critic Eric Doksa journeys to Summerville's Myles and Jun Yakitori to eat meat on sticks and finds "results are favorable." He samples beef hearts, beef tongue, chicken skins, and duck breasts, among others, and appreciates the grill adding a "big burst of smokiness." His favorite is the bacon-wrapped quail eggs. While Doksa dotes on the skewers, he warns that the bowls of noodles do not bring the same joy to the table, so stick to the sticks at Myles and Jun Yakitori.

Sometimes diners want to get back to basics, and Charleston Scene critic Hanna Raskin finds them at Seabrook's Heritage. The restaurant is tucked next to The Veggie Bin and takes advantage seasonal produce. Chef Patrick Collins' menu focuses on the classics and not showy techniques or over-the-top combinations. Raskin's description of the often understated vichyssoise is enough to make the reader think about a road trip to Seabrook:

The vichyssoise, starkly ivory as a wedding invitation, is a smooth exposition of potatoes, leeks, coldness and cream. Nothing else is really needed on a hot summer night.

While the service is a bit lacking, Raskin appreciates the flawless attention to seasoning and kitchen basics.

Myles and Jun Yakitori

710 Bacons Bridge Road, , SC 29485 (843) 875-3195 Visit Website