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Harold's Cabin Introduces Logo in Anticipation of Fall Opening

It's a raccoon!

Harold's Cabin Logo
Harold's Cabin Logo
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

As the crews at 247 Congress St. hurdle through construction to restore neighborhood stop Harold's Cabin, the team behind the Westside food shop and restaurant recently released branding for the concept.

The furry face raccoon diverges from than the original look, but logos were a little different back in 1929, when the original Harold's Cabin opened at the same address. Plus, that suggestive Nehi soda ad over the door might not go over so well these days.

Proprietor John Schumacher plans to honor the history of the building and the original owner Harold Jacobs' concept with a locally-sourced comestibles shop and adding two floors of dining space.

Look for Harold's Cabin to open in late November/early December.