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Poe's Tavern Adjusts Hours for Early Burger-Seeking Beachgoers

The Sullivan's Island spot opens at 10 a.m.

Poe's Tavern
Poe's Tavern
Jessika Stocker
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Sometimes in life, you just can't wait until 11 a.m. for a thick, juicy burger (these times are usually accompanied by a hangover). Well, for those days you can't imagine a morning without beef patties, Sullivan's Island eatery Poe's Tavern is now open at 10 a.m. on Thursdays through Sundays.

The beach burger restaurant stays packed from opening till close, so now there's an extra hour to score a table on the sunny patio and indulge in an Annabel Lee or Tell-Tale Heart (menu items are named for Edgar Allen Poe's work). Poe's serves other items other than burgers — they can also satisfy your morning taco or seared tuna salad cravings.