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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

According to critic Hanna Raskin, Gilroy's Pizza and Gee's Infamous Hot Dogs may have some competition to win the late-night dollars of College of Charleston students seeking sustenance. "If Smoke BBQ can maintain its foothold in an upper King Street address that’s proved unlucky for previous tenants, it stands a fair chance of figuring into the future nostalgic reveries of current Cougars," writes Raskin. She believes the lively atmosphere and "slightly raunchy snack" quality of the menu fits in perfectly before or after a night out on King Street.

But, guest don't need to be seeking a degree to enjoy the meaty offerings at Smoke BBQ.

Raskin recommends the sandwiches, saying that this portion of the menu " is where Smoke finds its stride." She states this because she's not completely sold on the stand-alone meat offerings. Raskin finds the pork overcooked and the brisket could use some more time in the smoker. However, condiments on the sandwiches cover up these kitchen sins. This isn't the first time Raskin has dismissed a brisket, but so far, this disapproval hasn't started any internet riots, like her review of West Ashley's Swig & Swine.

Smoke BBQ

34 West Merchant Street, , NJ 08106 (856) 672-0007 Visit Website