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Saint Alban to Move Spaces to Make Room for Little Jack’s Tavern

The cafe will skip across the street.

Leslie McKellar
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

In a quest to perhaps take over an entire block of North Central, restaurateur Brooks Reitz and the Neighbourhood LLC team will add a third addition to upper Upper King Street. The crew that brought Leon's Oyster Shop and Saint Alban to life will soon introduce Little Jack's Tavern. Reitz says this new space "will be a classic tavern serving familiar but smart pub standards and a full bar with an emphasis on classic cocktails." He also adds, "There will also be a lot of Rolling Stones being played, I am sure."

Little Jack's Tavern will take over the current Saint Alban address at 710 King St., but fans of the coffee shop need not to worry, as they plan to move the cafe across the street to 721 King St. Reitz and team will update the interiors at 710 King St. to make it feel like a new space, not just an updated concept plopped into Saint Alban.

In the meantime, Saint Alban has discontinued the dinner service but will keep its daytime hours. As Reitz explains, "it became clear that Charleston thinks of Saint Alban as more of a coffee shop."

Keep an eye here for more details on Little Jack's Tavern and the new space for Saint Alban.

Saint Alban

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