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Screen Door Replaces Pork Schnitzel with Pulled Pork Sandwiches

More family-friendly than chef-friendly.

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Screen Door
Screen Door
Eater Charleston
Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

While he was at Palace Hotel, critics agreed that chef Blake Joyal soared in the kitchen. When Joyal moved over to a larger space at Screen Door, fans were eager to see what the chef would bring to the James Island culinary scene.

When Screen Door opened, the space was jovial and family-friendly, while Joyal's menu skewed more serious. This led to many of the early Yelp reviews mentioning a "confusion" about the Folly Road restaurant:

However, the restaurant seems a little confused as to its own identity.  There are such high prices and haute dishes, and yet I'm in the middle of a noisy bar wherein a bunch of drunk kids are getting way too in to women's soccer. — David G.

I went to Screen Door last night for dinner and overall left confused at the concept/atmosphere, underwhelmed at the food and disappointed in the service. — Charlie P.

Even Joyal was a bit perplexed, as he posted a flat top full of burger orders with the caption, "Nope not corner bistro ..."

Well, as of this weekend, Screen Door has scraped the chef-driven menu in favor of a more upscale bar fare/family-friendly menu. Reporter Hanna Raskin announced yesterday that the restaurant completely overhauled the offerings, and Joyal will stay on as a consulting chef until a new name comes on board. Raskin was in the middle of a review for Screen Door and describes the change:

The pork schnitzel is gone, as is the burrata; ricotta and scallops with eggplant. But it’s hard to draw a menu-to-menu comparison, since most of Joyal’s dishes were composed on a daily basis according to available ingredients. Perhaps the clearest evidence of the change comes via pizza: Joyal served a pie topped with an egg and white anchovies. Now the pizza choices are margherita, pepperoni, pork and chicken pesto.

Raskin says she planned to give the food four stars, but since Joyal is leaving, there is no reason to publish a review for a menu never to be seen again. The new plates should please the Yelpers who were confused about the elevated offerings at Screen Door. Though, for those who will miss Joyal, the items are still more interesting than most bar fare. Shishito peppers are offered in the appetizers, roasted beets with yogurt made the salad list, and there's still a whole fish on the entree menu.

Screen Door

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