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Husk Sommelier and Bull Street Gourmet Owner Pair to Open Wine Bar

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Stems and Skins coming to Park Circle.

1070 E. Montague Ave.
1070 E. Montague Ave.
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Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas, covering the food and restaurant scene across North and South Carolina.

Two big players in the Charleston wine world are teaming up to bring prime varietals to Park Circle imbibers. Sommelier Matt Tunstall is exiting his post at famed Southern eatery Husk in July to join Bull Street Gourmet owner/executive chef Justin Croxall to create wine bar Stems and Skins at 1070 E. Montague Ave.

Patrons of either establishment know these guys are serious about their bottles. Croxall had the idea for a wine bar after opening a second Bull Street Gourmet on Spring Street and reached out to Tunstall to make it happen. The duo originally thought they wanted their establishment to be downtown, but real estate prices and the Midnight Ordinance in effect were prohibitive. "The good thing about North Charleston, is they want the business. It's something the community needed, and we're extremely excited," says Croxall.

Stems and Skins will be in the same building as Henry Eang's Vietnamese restaurant in the burgeoning Park Circle neighborhood. Tunstall will be the face of the bar, pouring wines for guests and educating visitors with his extensive wine knowledge.

The space will be intimate with the room maxing out at around 49 patrons. They are working on a menu now for the food offerings, but they will have light fare. Croxall and Tunstall hope to open the doors to Stems and Skins this fall.