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Finn’s Brick Oven Creates Trendy Pizzas With Global Influences

"You can have it your way ..."

Erin Perkins is the editor of Eater Carolinas.

If you've ever craved a pizza topped with Korean beef bulgogi, brie, and walnuts, then critic Deidre Schipani found a spot for you in Mount Pleasant. Finn's Brick Oven offers patrons a selection of "nine proteins, 10 cheeses, 20 vegetables and nuts; three crust styles and four sauces." Schipani admits she prefers a classic Margherita, but keeps an open mind and thinks of the creations as "flatbreads" rather than pizzas when reviewing Finn's.

They have annexed the flavors of the Mediterranean to their Med; embraced Hawaii with upgraded prosciutto paired with pineapple; parlayed well the plume of ’cue using smoked meats, cheeses and bacon to infiltrate a ruddy barbecue sauce base; and bombed the Tuscan with meats.

Keep thinking flatbreads and your pizza sensibilities will remain intact.

Basically, don't bring your friend visiting from Italy to Finn's, but rather someone who requires pineapple or barbecue on their pies.