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Mind Your Manners With Chef Bob Waggoner's Restaurant Etiquette Classes

You could finally learn what all those forks are for.

In The Kitchen With Chef Bob Waggoner/FB

Do those who need help with their restaurant etiquette recognize that fact? More importantly, will they pony up $95 for a class to improve their manners? That's what chef Bob Waggoner is hoping. He and "body language consultant" Aly Murphy are accepting reservations now for a June 8 "special etiquette class" and three-course wine dinner at his cooking school In The Kitchen With Bob Waggoner, which opened last December.

The Post & Courier reports that the class is "aimed at brides, grooms and their families" and will cover such delicate topics as "how to properly enter and exit the restaurant; difficult-to-eat foods; digital decorum; the difference in American and Continental use of silverware (and) conversation do's versus taboos." If you're thinking to yourself, I didn't know there was a proper way to enter or exit the restaurant, it might be time to reserve your spot.